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Land, Sea or Air!

Welcome to Your World of Travel we call Amerimia … 

Bienvenido a su mundo de los viajes que llamamos Amerimia ...


Thank you for the opportunity to deliver on our promise that is, our business: El Mundo te espera … Amerimia te lleva!!  Or loosely from the Spanish translated, the World awaits you … Amerimia takes you there!!


Just as you wouldn't file yor taxes or buy a home without consulting an expert, the same goes for planning your vacation. Let us help you to plan your vacation, we will help you out to select the best trip ever  base on your interest and advise you all throught the planning process.


Sounds exciting, doesn’t it! Well, it should be because anywhere in the world you desire to visit, Amerimia is your roundtrip ticket to getting there (and back, naturally)! Our goal is your destination or the journey itself that allows you to experience firsthand, how enjoyable planning and experiencing your trip can be. We do it all, whether it is in scheduling tours, air fare quotes/bookings, dinning reservations, cruise sailings, rail departures … anything that is travel and apart of your adventure we’ll get it right for you!  


Our entire staff (Sí, hablamos español!) are well versed in sharing with our clients a complete line of products and services that only certified and experienced agencies of travel can deliver; something self-evident as you work with our talented and longstanding, professional travel advisors all of whom have traveled all their lives.


If you have questions or would like to discuss how we can better partner with you on your next adventure, weekend ‘getaway’ or Day-Tripper, please email us at or call 305.305.5680;305.967.8089 (within Miami-Dade County) or 855-AMERIMIA (263-7464) wherever you are in the world! 


We are delighted to be part of your adventure! 



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